Monday, December 28, 2009

Wicked Seductions: Wanton Woman

There are 3 published books in the Wicked Seduction Series with Ravenous: Complicated Courtship, Wanton Woman, and Starlet.

What's the Wicked Seduction Series? Strong women who get what-rather who-they want no matter the costs. They aren't necessarily outgoing women with no shame, but they are women who are confident enough in themselves to go through this, either for love or for gratification, but who stick with it for the long term.

Wanton Woman: England 1810

Lady Abigail Ash hated they way people looked at her. Very lonely, she didn't want the virtuous reputation she held and looked for the perfect gentleman. Jonathon, Earl of Braden, has always wanted her but believes she's only interested in marriage. He's surprised and intrigued when she proposes an arrangement to the mutual pleasure of them both. But will it be enough?

Mouth dry, fingers immobile in the act of disrobing, Braden stared. “Never have I seen a lovelier vision,” he admitted.

Abby smiled and stepped forward. “Until we tire of each other.”

“Perfect,” he nodded, hard for her. His cock ached to be buried in her, and Braden tore off his shirt, boots, and breeches. Abby stood there, watching him. Raking his eyes over her body, Braden watched her nipples tighten and her breathing increase.

Abby walked slowly to the bed, gaze firm on Braden, to lean against the bedpost. He approached her, his desire of her evident; and almost grinned when she looked down at his cock.

One hand flitted from the bed to her waist, an unconscious caress from hip to belly and up to her breasts. Capturing her hand, Braden smoothed it down her body.

“Lady Ash,” he began.

“Abby,” she gazed up at him with a heated stare. “My name is Abby.”

With a wantonness that drove all thought from his head, she cupped his hand in hers and pressed it to her breast.

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