Monday, December 14, 2009

Wicked Seductions: Complicated Courtship

There are 3 published books in the Wicked Seduction Series with Ravenous: Complicated Courtship, Wanton Woman, and Starlet.

What's the Wicked Seduction Series? Strong women who get what-rather who-they want no matter the costs. They aren't necessarily outgoing women with no shame, but they are women who are confident enough in themselves to go through this, either for love or for gratification, but who stick with it for the long term.

Complicated Courtship 1774 Boston

Kirsten St. Clair wonders how to win back her fiancé's love. James Montgomery never meant to ignore Kirsten, but he's got smuggling charges hanging over his head and an unwanted British soldier eating him out of house and home. When Kirsten arrives intent on seduction, how can any red-blooded male resist?

Kirsten smoothed the front of her dress again. They waited in the parlor for James’ butler to retrieve him from whatever business took his time today. She’d sent a note round telling him of her visit, so she knew he was home. Hoped he would be and didn’t forget she was coming.

That was an insult she didn’t think her nerves could take.

It was bad enough she’d agreed to Margaret’s scheme. When her stepmother began telling her all the ways for a man and woman to be together, she thought. . . well she hadn’t been sure what to think.

Except she wanted to try those positions with James.

Which caused her to blush harder and hope he arrived soon.

Footsteps echoed on the floor and she turned, a smile already on her face.

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