Monday, December 21, 2009

Bitten by Books reveiws

This weekend I received 4 reviews from Bitten by Books. Three for my Druids series, Murder & Magick, Sex & Subterfuge, and Desert & Destiny, and one for Shadow State, my 1934 German werewolf story.

Shadow State first, because my wehrw├Âlfes hold a special place in my heart. 5 Tombstones: My only complaint is that the story was so short; the people and surrounding periphery were intriguing, and I would have loved to get more of it all. I hope Ms. Roman has more of these stories in the works as I’m bound to gobble them up as well. Be prepared to devote all your time to completing this one - it was hard to put down!

Now onto my Druids series. Jennifer reviewed the first 3 so far. Here's what she has to say:

Murder & Magick 4.5 Tombstones
Love and responsibility battle in this beautiful, historical tale of suspense. This was well-written, and the characters are extremely well-developed; the author does a wonderful job of creating strong leads that are still capable of showing emotion for one another.

Sex & Subterfuge 3.5 Tombstones

Now I admit, this isn't my strongest story, but I'm still pleased with her review:
Overall, though, this isn’t a bad continuation of the series. I will definitely continue reading, and hope that the third book goes back to the intensity and quality of the first.

Desert & Destiny 4.5 Tombstones
These books just keep getting and better with each installment. It’s wonderful how the author continues to build upon the characters and situations from book to book, and the romance develops so naturally. Especially when considered how the foundations were purely physical, Ms. Roman does an excellent job of developing the passion into true romance.

About Temptations & Treachery she says: I look forward to reading the fourth in the series!


Penelope said...

Awesome, Isabel!

Lisa Lane said...

Huge congrats, Isabel!

Isabel Roman said...

Thanks, Penelope and Lisa! Lisa, I saw BBB reviewes 2 of your books, too, CONGRATS!

These reviews were pretty good Christmas presents! :)

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