Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry SeXmas!

Want more spicy Christmas stories? This anthology includes the ONE vampire story I've done. I have plans for a sequel but never managed to do more than say I had plans for a sequel. Maybe 2010!(Also available in print from Amazon.) Merry SeXmas Anthology:

Jozette Bellrose doesn’t remember how she ended up in the hospital. When a handsome stranger claiming to be her husband promises answers to her past, she willingly follows. Drawn to this familiar stranger, Jozette is caught in the secrets of her past, and his.

Nicholas has spent years trying to return to his beloved wife. The only thing he’s wanted, now that he has the chance to win her back, he doesn’t waste any time. But what will happen when she remembers the truth of their marriage?
Caught in a winter wonderland days before Christmas, can Nicholas overcome the hurt of the past? Or will he be the only one to remember their lives together?

Red Bow:

Jessica Oberon is a working mother of two. She and her husband, Kenneth, barely see each other any more between their high powered jobs and family. Twelve days before Christmas she receives her annual note from her lover. They only partake in these games during Christmas, and this one is no different. Thrilled, she plans to meet him wherever he instructs.

First is a hotel room, then the fitting room in Saks, then to Vermont for a night in a chalet. Jessica loves these adventures, and tries to hide it from her children. Christmas Eve is spent with her lover and Christmas Day with her family. Every Christmas Kenneth gives her a note tied with a red satin bow. It's a good thing they have their 12 days of Christmas tradition. Their roll playing is the perfect way to keep the spark alive in their marriage.

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