Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vacation Planning

I spent a good chunk of yesterday enjoying the snow. OK not the digging out part but the other parts of it. And if I had anyone to have a snowball fight with, I'd have done that, too. I really do love the snow, just not the cold.

So I also spent yesterday planning a vacation. I'm a fan of the long weekends. Thursday-Sunday or Monday, taking Friday off to enjoy a beach day or going to a friend's house to simply hang out.

In March I'm heading on m yearly visit to Puerto Rico. No, I don't do much there, sun, pool, beach, some Old San Juan, a delicious bakery Kasalta which I probably spelled wrong. There's a rain forest I like to hike through - El Yunque. Mostly it's the view, and I'll post some picts this year to my facebook and website. Yes, I'm'll be jealous.

In April I'm going to Disney for a short 4 day weekend, then in May I'm off to Colonial Williamsburg for another 4 day weekend. I haven't been to Williamsburg in years, since I was a teen at least. I can't wait to go!

During this time I plan to recharge, relax, and most definitely do some writing. Where are your favorite vacation places?

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Susan Macatee said...

Sounds like fun! Me, I don't really have any favorite vacation places. The places like the mountains and amusement parks we used to visit when our boys were young just don't appeal anymore. I guess where I'd really like to go is somewhere where my hubby and I can do some sightseeing, someplace with a lot of history.

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