Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hunkering down

Or snuggling as the case may be. The snow didn't hit us that bad. Of course inches is doable on the North East Coast. Unlike London where everything came to a standstill. I have a friend there now who is furious she traded Denver for London. (It will pass, Christina!)

What am I going to do today? Shovel, shovel, shovel. I'm going out in a moment. As soon as I bundle up. I do hate the cold even if I love the snow itself. After shoveling, food, tea or hot chocolate depending on the mood, I'm going to open my curtains wide onto the pond behind my place and write. There's nothing better than a gorgeous winter scene (unless it's the ocean on a hot summer day) to get the muse working. Snow makes everything quieter and for a couple hours, before it melts, gets plowed, exhaust dirties it, etc.) it's utterly beautiful.

Does anyone else feel that way? That a winter landscape is relaxing and soothing?


Susan Macatee said...

I'm with you! While I like how my yard looks covered in snow, I really hate to have to go out and shovel it. We got 8 inches here, but were only expecting about 2 or 3. So, we woke up this morning to a beautiful winter wonderland. But then again, there's that shoveling and trying to break up ice. It didn't help that my bag of ice melt is now a bag of giant unbreakable balls. Grrr!

Isabel Roman said...

Yeah, it took a while to clean off the car. I skipped the digging out and left that to the plows and am hoping for the best when I get home tonight.

But it really is pretty.

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