Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The joys & pitfalls of writing

If you're a writer you already know this. If you're not but know a writer you've probably tuned out over some of the venting that comes with being friends with a writer. I try to limit that kind of interaction with non-writing friends. They don't get it. Or think I'm crazy. Probably both. In the end, we're all ok with that, and let it slide. I am crazy, but then so are they.

I love writing - plotting, characterization, breaking the story, fixing the holes. What I don't love, and what is obvious to even non-writers is being stuck. Last night I spent several hours doing nothing but playing Sid Meier's Pirates. I love that game. it's highly addicting and even though I have stories to write, edit, polish, and send off, I spent the night attacking ships and plundering towns.

Because I was stuck. Trapped. Couldn't write a thing and didn't really want to. I needed a break. Not a crash, like what happened immediately after Christmas when I spent 4 days watching 14 Richard Sharpe movies. Sean Bean...yum...

Today's a new day but I still don't feel like writing. It's gray and cold out with snow predicted. I should at least open a file. And probably will. After breakfast. Usually once I putter a bit around the house things start to flow again. So laundry here I come. Then Gareth & Arabella in Book 3: Desert & Destiny.

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Susan Macatee said...

Boy do I know that feeling. And you're right, non-writing friends and family haven't got a clue and will just tune you out anyway. Best of luck with breaking the block. We all go through that now and then.

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