Friday, August 5, 2011


Ever have one of those loooonnngggg weeks where you need the weekend? Ever think why our days off are a measly 2 days when we work for 5 of 7 days? Who came up with that ratio!

I don't mind work. I prefer writing, but I don't mind work. I love keeping busy, I like to be productive, I adore that sense of accomplishment when I did a kick-ass job on a project or came up with an idea that'll really work and make a splash.

It's the amount of time I spend there that I don't like. Takes away from my writing, my time with family and friends, my time relaxing in the back yard or on the couch with the dog. I'd say it takes away from my TV time, too but that's minimal as it is.

Ever wonder why the faster we become the more time we spend doing things?

Ever wonder why some people over-intellectualize things?

And don't forget Tuesday August 8, Sonya Clark is joining me here to talk about her release, Mojo Queen.

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