Monday, November 1, 2010

Excerpt Monday

This is an excerpt from my environmentalist story. I'm all about recycling, clearing up the trash, generating less trash, and basically saving ourselves from ourselves. The Pacific Vortex? Disgusting and we need to desperately do something about that. Cleaning up Hawai'i's dirtiest beach, Kahuku? I had no idea Hawai'i even had a dirty beach. Hawai'i Five-O never showed that.

Hot Waters from the Green Love Anthology:

“I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, but I expect it will be years.” Turning to face him, she swallowed hard. This was more difficult than she’d thought. Never seeing him again panicked her. “You aren’t the kind of man to wait years for a woman.” As the words left her mouth, her heart constricted. “My contract was up weeks ago. We were just too busy in bed to notice.”

“I noticed,” Aidan snapped. “I didn’t care.”

She said a silent “Oh,” and gathered her clothes.

“It’s that easy?”

Turning sharply at his question, tears welled in her eyes. “Don’t. I’ve made my choice.”

“To leave what we have? To throw away everything we’ve created together? This is not something you’re going to find again.” His hands were still balled into fists at his side, and he held himself stiffly as he spoke. Aidan had formidable control, she knew first hand.

“I know.” Her hand shook as she picked up her clipboard. Only years of training kept her voice even. “I know. But when people say they want to make a difference in the world, they’re usually blowing smoke out their asses. This is real. I know how to do this. My work . . . will make a difference.”

“There are others,” he snarled, closing the steps between them. His hands lay hard on her arms, and he shook her once. “You can teach them, train them. It’s not your job to save the whole damn world.” Aidan’s warm hand cupped her neck so she couldn’t avoid his harsh gaze. “We can’t lose this.”

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Overall 4 Cups of Coffee from Coffee Time Romance:

Ms. Roman has written an emotionally and stimulatingly charged story full of love and sensuality. This was not only beautifully composed but the type of tale I love to read, where you can connect with the characters. This story was easy to read from beginning to end and the conclusion of it will not leave you hanging, which made me a very happy reader.

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