Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall vs Summer

Brr, the weather has changed! I miss summer's warmth, and while fall is pretty and all, this weather is not.

Five things I love about summer in no particular order:

□ Beach. I love and adore the ocean and would live there if I could. One day!
□ Traveling to places where I don’t need to bundle up to see anything.
□ Museums, they always seem to have the best stuff on display during the summer.
□ Sitting outside and enjoying my yard. This summer’s atrocious heat wave aside, it’s great to sit out there in the morning/evening and just relax
□ Longer days. Ben Franklin’s idea of daylight savings is all well and good when it works in your favor, but I don’t think he had no idea how hard it is to get up for work when it’s still pitch-black outside!

OK, and a #6…the warmth. Yeah, yeah this year’s atrocious heat wave aside, who likes being cold, all bundled up against the frigid winter, head down , not looking left or right or up, but down so your nose doesn’t fall off, with 7 feet of snow and blistering cold winds? NO ONE!!

What about you, what season do you like best and why?

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