Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Musings

Lots going on in the month of August. Finished up a blog tour for Dark Desires of the Druids: Sex and Subterfuge, went on vacation, and came back to 1 rejection and 1 request.

The rejection was very honest and straight forward, and didn't have anything to do with my writing or with the story, Paranormal Investigations. The rejection was to do with the market, and honestly I can accept that! Paranromals are a very crowded market. Personally, and OK I'm the author:) but I think that Paranormal Investigations is different than most. But hey, I'll keep trying.

Now, from the same editor, the request. It wasn't for Paranormal Investigations, but a story I'd started and set aside to work on the Egyptian contemporary. (Which is completely plotted and 3 chapters in, but alas.) So this new story, a very dark and different Regency, is the goal for this week.

For a limited time only on All Romance Ebooks, Dark Desires of the Druids: Murder and Magick is free. And don't forget to get the free Dark Desires of the Druids: Choose Your Own Adventure.

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