Friday, August 27, 2010

8 things winner!

Actually, now that I look at the answers and #2, I realize that it's kind of misleading. So in essence, all three of you won! Email me and let me know which story you'd like.

Isabel is really 2 people
Well, yes, and if you've followed me at all this summer, you'd see our picture all over the place!

Isabel is really 2 people who are non-identical twins separated at birth and somehow share the same brain.
Yes and no...we are two people, there are times when we share a brain (same sentences with the same words) I'll give you that.

One part of Isabel dislocated her nose.
Yes, Christine did when she fell off the swing set. It hurt!

Isabel once worked for the Natural History Museum.
Nope! This one isn't true at all, though Christine would have loved to.

NCIS is the recreational drug of choice.
Oh, yeah.

When one part of Isabel was born, Roberto Clemente drove her mother to the hospital.
Marisa's mother was at a baseball game when she went into labor and as her parents happened to be friends with him, he graciously drove her mother to the hospital.

One of Isabel's books was featured on a national television program.
Yup! Home Shopping Network in September 2009.

While skiing one part of Isabel hit a tree.
Christine did...she has a picture someplace, but 'skiing' and 'hitting a tree' are kind of misleading: She was skiing in that she was on skies but had already fallen and was trying to stop on her way down a hill but couldn't stand up to do anything. Leaning over would have just put her back to square one of not having the skies on. As for the was like 10 inches in diameter. Not very big.

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K. A. Laity said...

Whoo hoo! Great to learn more about you. :-)

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