Thursday, July 29, 2010


Why I like workshops.

I don't like all the workshops I attend, and have been known to walk out of them. It doesn't mean the speakers didn't go a good job on their topic, it just means that either I A) had to choose between two (or more) workshops and want to catch the end of another or B) thought it might help in my writing and then realized the speaker and I were coming from two different starting points.

But overall, I respect the people who get in front of others and talk about anything!

The best thing I ever learned in my writing was in a workshop: Every scene must count toward the overall plot. You'd think that, sure, but honestly at the time of hearing that I was still a fan of writing scenes I wanted to write. No longer! I was going to write to the plot, to the end, to the Happily Ever After!

Seriously, it was a revelation.

So even if I only go to a handful or workshops, they all have what I want. To learn more to further my writing. It's an evolving experience!

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