Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guest: Kaily Hart

Please join me in welcoming Kaily Hart!

What made you decide to write Picture This?
I kind of didn’t have a choice! LOL. I’m one of those writers who have characters talk to them and they don’t just talk. Mine often scream in demand, usually because they want attention (AKA writing their stories). When I saw the call for submissions at Ellora’s Cave for ‘something related to the fine arts’, the story just came to me and the characters soon followed. I hadn’t intended to write the story. Not that day, or that week either for that matter. The characters literally wouldn’t give me any peace. They would pop into my head at odd moments, especially when I was trying to work on another manuscript. So I finally relented and wrote it. Once it was done, I figured I may as well send it on. Yeah, I know. Sounds like I’m nuts, right?

Not at all! Sounds like a writer to me. :)

What else are you working on?

I’m working on a bunch of things right now. I can’t just work on one thing at a time and it seems to work really well for me. I’m a WIP slut, if you will J. I’m currently finishing two more novellas, I have several novel length books in the works and two paranormal series I’ve outlined that I would love to tackle soon. I’ve also been known to madly jot down other story ideas as they come to me and add to my ever growing ‘ideas file’.

Multi-tasking! I love it. Working on more than one story is the best way to go. That way you can always work on X when Y is giving you trouble.

What’s your dream story? The one that becomes a New York Times runaway bestseller, the one you hope to one day write?
Dream story? Well, I do have a dream and a hope to be a best selling author some day, but I’d rather measure that success in reader reaction and whether I can make it to the ranks of an ‘auto-buy’ author. You know, an author readers will buy based on name, not necessarily by individual story? That’s my simple aspiration. I do have several outlines of ‘bigger’ stories I think would make great single titles. They’re a combination of contemporary with either elements of intrigue or paranormal. When the time is right…

Best of luck on your dream! Looks like you're well on your way.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Mmm, I guess I’d like to add that I’ve done other jobs and I’ve had a different successful career prior to writing. I enjoyed all of them and often thrived on the challenges, but writing? I love what I’m doing right now. There’s nothing more rewarding than bringing characters to life, weaving a story that has both heat and emotion and reaching a satisfying end. The response to Picture This has been amazing and has surpassed my expectations. Being able to take someone else on that journey with me? That has been the most rewarding thing I’ve taken away from the entire experience.

Thanks so much for having me here today! Thank you, Kaily! You're welcomed back at any time.

Picture This blurb:

Desperate and young, Jillian Moore did something she knew would one day come back to bite her in the ass. She’d posed nude. For money. Years later, and on the fast track to a successful career,
she’s still haunted by her mistake. She can’t help but wonder when her past will catch up with her.

Samuel Steele is not short on female attention, but the women who warm his bed pale in comparison to the fantasy he’s created of the
seductive temptress in the painting hanging prominently in his bedroom. A
fantasy that has ruined his once satisfying sex life. When he discovers that her
exact likeness works in his building—for him—things get…interesting.
R-Rated excerpt:
Christ, he was a sick fuck.

Sam rubbed his hand over the rough stubble on his jaw, the raspy sound loud in the quiet room. Carla, Carrie, or whatever the hell her name was, had left. Hell, she hadn’t been able to get away fast enough once she’d figured it out. He could still smell the unmistakable scent of sex. It was thick and heavy in the air and wafted up from the ruined sheets he was lying on every time he moved. It’d been good—hard, fast and impersonal, just how he liked it. Okay, so it’d gone to crap at the end, but he’d gotten his rocks off and had no complaints in that regard. She’d been gorgeous and built, with a tongue that was more talented than most and a way of moving her hips when she rode him that had almost blown the top of his head off. So what was his problem and what the fuck was he doing? He shouldn’t still want to, shouldn’t need to—

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Kaily Hart said...

Hi Isabel! Thanks so much for having me here today. It was fun to share some things about myself and my writing with you!

Isabel Roman said...

I'm so glad you could make it today, Kaily! I loved reading your interview.

Susan Macatee said...

Hi, Kaily! Another multi-project writer! I like to have more than one project to work on, although for the summer, I've decided to concentrate on the first draft of my latest book to give myself some much needed downtime.

Best of luck with your release!

Tibby Armstrong said...

Can't wait to see what comes next from you, Kaily! :)

Rebecca Leigh said...

Congrats again on the release, it is a hot read! Thanks for sharing how you write!

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Nice to meet you today, Kaily. I love your attitude about being a writer for your readers. Seems today a lot is set on the companies who buy instead of the readers. :(

Best of luck with all of your stories.

Cara Bristol said...

I like your measure of success. So many people think once a writer geta a book published he/she is on their way. That's just the beginning!

Kaily Hart said...

Thank you, Susan!

Tibby, submitted it today, so we'll see :)!

Rebecca, thanks!!

Hi Paisely, for me it's all about the readers and I hope that never changes.

Cara, yes, just the beginning. Hopefully the end is soon to be in sight :).

Caroline Clemmons said...

Congratulations, Kaily. Great post.

Kaily Hart said...

Hi Caroline. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

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