Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New day

New attitude. Or it could be the 16 oz of Pepsi I already drank. Not really sure. It's been a long morning already! I expect the day to continue on this way.

I will not think of the romantic arc from hell today. I will appreciate what I have instead. Like my brother's dog I watched this weekend. She's so energetic and friendly. She doesn't like bunnies, but I've successfully kept her from gobbling up Peter Rabbit (see below) who is so adorable I've decided to adopt him. In the he stays outdoors, I stay in method.

He snuck into my garden, despite the fence, and tried to hide from me beneath 2 thin blades of grass. His nose was twitching and he stayed perfectly still, but I managed the picture anyway. How can I not adore him? So cute!

Tomorrow's another day to think about romantic arcs. I'll do it then.


Penelope said...

I'm sorry....I no longer find bunnies cute. Especially if they manage to get inside my chicken wire fence. And eat my pea plants.

Run, bunny, run for your life! :)

Isabel Roman said...

HA! Okay, I can see that, Penelope.

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