Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Keeping positive

Recession, swine flu, recession, unemployment,'s a depressing state of affairs. Keeping positive isn't as hard as it sounds. I like time to myself, I like hibernating far far away from people. I'm finding now, as strange as it seems for ME, that joking about the little things is all it takes to make me laugh.

Sure, I work in a public library and sure, people are disgusting with their hygiene habits, but working with people I've known for years makes it less stressful. (I can hear you now asking how a library could be stressful. Trust me. It is. And if you have to ask, you haven't been in a busy one, in a poor neighborhood.)
That and writing. I'm breaking a story that takes place just after the American Revolution and tossing out crazy ideas that make me laugh. Improbably and I'd never ever use them, but even in this, you gotta laugh.

So that's my advice for today. Breathe deeply, scowl at the stupid people, and laugh. Even if it's at those stupid people, it'll make you feel good! That and sexy men...

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