Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April showers

Apparently brings freezing temperatures the next day. I'm glad I was lazy and hadn't brought out any spring clothes yet! Sweaters all the way!

Today is another long day for me. One day I'd like to sleep in, be lazy, NOT do anything but watch a NCIS marathon or a House or Stargate SG-1 one...or my Sharpe movies again. I long for that day. :)

That day is not today. Today I'll be fiddling with my website. Bought Dreamweaver which came with NO instructions, so went to my library and badgered the NF buyer into buying a Dreamweaver book. I reasoned I wasn't the only one in need. She bought it but then she's nice like that. Between that and Denise's help (she has the same book and actually made notes. I'm so impressed!) I managed to figure out cascading windows and text wrapping. Still a little iffy on the color thing, thought I had it, now I'm not so sure.

Finish last Wicked Seduction story. Cherrie on Top is a contemporary romance that takes place in a popular San Fransisco bakery. I'm about 1/4 through that and hope to finish it up tonight.

After I paint my bathroom. It needed a second coat. *sigh* Which meant I needed more paint. And now that I moved everything INTO the bathroom to have room in the hall, I need to move it back OUT to paint. Again. The whole thing should be finished by this weekend and it'll be nice to have

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