Monday, March 30, 2009

The Tryst

Yup, still talking about my free short story, Dark Desire of the Druids: The Tryst. Why? Cause, it's free! But I'll talk a little about the overall universe.

It's still Victorian London/Philadelphia as we know it. Nothing there has changed. However, there is one very significant difference: Magickers exist and Witch Hunters are hunting them.

In Murder & Magick, Raven and Malcolm must deal with the fanatical Sir John Corwin, baronet, who's out to expose Raven and kill them both.Hunters are on the rise in England, seeking out any who display even a modicum of magick and arbitrarily murdering them. (Book trailer)

In Sex & Subterfuge, Morgana and Lucien are forced to confront reality: Bringing magickers into the open would only cause war between those with magicks and those without. In Philadelphia, things haven't reached the fevered pitch Corwin has stirred up in England. Yet. They have other problems there, not the least of which are magickers after power for themselves. Magickers who believe they're superior and should rule those with no magick.

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