Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sex & politics

Sunday March 15 The History Channel is showing Beltway Unbuckled. I love sex scandals as I'm sure many of you do, come on, don't be shy. I know you do!

Sex has played a role throughout America's history. Did you know an
extramarital affair was one of the causes of the Civil War? Or that one of the
things that made George Washington so appealing as a presidential choice was his
sterility? This special takes a serious but highly entertaining look at the
fascinating ways the sex lives of our nation's leaders have impacted American
history and shaped the country we live in today.

Some of the stories uncovered: how J. Edgar Hoover used his secret sex
files to become one of the most powerful figures in Washington; although Woodrow
Wilson may have won World War I, his wife Edith may have caused World War II;
why FDR's dreams for the post World War II world were contained in the long lost
diary of one of the women who was with him when he died; and how JFK's fling
with an East German beauty nearly ended his administration.
Sounds great doesn't it! I know, I'm a nerd. What does it have to do with Ravenous' Power Plays, anthology very little but the theme is the same!

My story, Whispers, is in it:

Olivia Adair is a junior senator having an affair with the Department of Justice liason, Ryan Granger. Neither want to give up their careers, but aren't willing to give up each other, either. Leaving her senate office late one night, Ryan overhears an aide talking about the death of a senior senator. He investigates, but when Olivia is hurt in a car accident, he wonders if the aide is now after her. Will he give up his position to save her life or is already it too late?
POWER PLAYS is a collection of twelve stories that explore the timeless connection between sex and political power. As Henry Kissinger famously said, "power is the ultimate aphrodisiac", and the twelve authors contributing their hot stories to this anthology know that better than anyone. In POWER PLAYS, the intersection of sex and political power takes many forms-----including a threesome in Congressional chambers, a female President-elect who finds a boy-toy while traveling abroad, and a den of urban werewolves who fight to restore their rightful alpha male leader. These and many other erotic tales of sex and power make up this red-hot collection, which will capture your imagination and leave you thirsty for more.

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Susan Macatee said...

I think sex and politics go hand in hand, Isabel! I'm sure you'll do well with those stories.

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