Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday News

Over at Unusual Historicals, the winner of a free copy of Desire of the Druids I: Murder & Magick is...Teresa! Please contact me with your snail mail address for your free download of my story - or a gift certificate if you'd like to download it yourself, your call.

The first in my Wicked Seduction series, Complicated Courtship is now available from Ravenous.

As the turmoil for America boils over, can a complicated courtship survive an unwanted guest?
Kirsten St. Clair isn’t the proper Bostonian she’s expected to be. She’s fiercely for the American Cause. But when she believes her fiancée loses interest in her, the only thing she can do is remind him with her kisses and body.

James Montgomery is a smuggler, fending off British taxes and his own uninvited houseguest all for the sake of freedom. When Kirsten sets out to seduce him, he’s helpless to resist. Captured by her innocent fire and lustful determination, James teaches her the ways of the bedroom. Will passion and love, clear the way?

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