Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hot Water now available!

My environmental story, Hot Water, is now available from Ravenous in the Green Love Anthology.

Aidan Tierney is the owner of Geo-Solar Dynamics, the first geothermal plant in America. His head engineer and lover, Elizabeth Hastings, is a tireless worker for the environmental cause. With their live date rapidly approaching, Aidan entices her into a private spa grotto for stress-relieving sex. Even while he's buried inside her, Aidan realizes there's something wrong. She's holding back from him and he doesn't know why.

With the bliss of climax still heavy around them, he confronts her. Elizabeth, having dreaded this moment, tells him she's leaving and heading to China and the geothermal plants Geo-Solar Dynamics is setting up there. Aidan isn't willing to let her go but Elizabeth needs to do this and is the only one who can.

Will she leave him? Or can they find a compromise.

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