Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Slave driver

I am, I admit it. I push and push until it's all finished and on time, and it really doesn't bother me that I get dirty looks and grumbles. I think I was a general in a previous life.

I push myself just as hard. Usually. These past weeks haven't bee quite so productive, but I'm happy to say that I'm back in the groove and writing away. I amassed a huge pile of research on Philadelphia 1882 including the docks, Chinatown, Old City, and what's become known as Main Line.

I put it all in a neat pile ext to my computer so I don't have to waste precious time searching for it when I need it. I cleaned that area by my computer (so as not to lose anything) and have dived back into the story.

Just when I wondered if why I bother writing anything since it's all drivel, I realized that this is a great story! I'm kind of impressed, actually. The scenes came pretty easy, the path ever so clear! WOW, I can write!

Looking back, I suppose that break during Christmas & New Years was just what I needed. Sure it was a pain in my lazy way as I wondered why I wasn't writing even as I lounged o the couch. But now, with all this energy back, I'm thinking it was only a good thing.

This week is dedicated to Morgana and a rewrite of Love Birds, the weekend to edits, and all next week to more Morgana. Gotta get that book finished by the 15th!

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