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#Interview with @jesselebeau for Among The Giants

Over the course of the last couple years, Jesse has propelled himself from a small, alaskan fishing town to the Hollywood big screen, being seen by millions all over the world. By leveraging his love of the game of basketball and making the most of every opportunity, he has suc- cessful created a life all his own. at 5’8”, he may not be an nBa player, but by tweaking his dream, he has been able to use his passion (basketball) to star in national commercials and movies, work with pro athletes and celebrities, and even give back on a regular basis as a motivational speaker for youth. His un- derdog story, outlined in his book, Among the Giants, serves as an inspiration to anyone who has ever been told they can’t make their dream a reality.

Jesse was born and raised on Pennock island, alaska, where his mother worked as a school teacher and his father was involved in the logging industry. Jesse played basketball growing up, but no one wanted to take him seriously, and coaches told him he was too small and would never make it. despite his critics, he believed not only in himself but also in the plan God had for him. Jesse has experienced big wins and frustrating losses, but both triumph and defeat helped him grow as a leader and a person, and helped deepen his faith.

Today, he uses his message to motivate and inspire young people around the world as a speaker and author. combining his love of basketball, speaking, and entertaining, Jesse founded the fab4 Takeover, which brings celebrities into schools to teach and impact students. He also released an instructional dribbling dVd titled Dribble Like a Star. for a free download from the dVd visit or text the word ‘dVd ‘to the number 58885. you can find more information, read news in the press, watch highlight video foot- age, and follow Jesse on a more personal level at the following websites:

  1. At any given time do you work on only one story at a time and maybe plot out the next one or are there many ideas racing around your head?

I focus on one area at a time.  I’m easily distracted, so when a new idea pops into my head I’ll write it down and come back to it later.  The less I try to multi-task the more productive I can be.

  1. Is there a genre you haven't written in but would like to? Or wish you could write in?

No, my focus is on creating material that inspires, educates, and equips people with the tools to be great.

  1. Do you add an element of romantic suspense in your stories?

If the story calls for it I will.

  1. Say you have unlimited funds: What kind of writing office/cottage would you create for yourself?

I want to be by a pool someplace tropical with an ice cold beverage in hand.  If I can work with some board shorts on I consider it a win.

  1. If you could turn your novel into a TV show, which novel or series would you do? Where would it be set? Network TV (ABC, NBC, CBS), Cable (AMC, BBC, Lifetime) or Premium Cable (HBO, Showtime, Starz)?

I’m currently developing a show aimed at MTV because that is the audience I wish to reach and needs to hear my message the most.

  1. Finally, tell us about your latest release!

I am so excited that my new book Among The Giants: How One Underdog Pursued His Dreams, & You Can Too! will be in bookstores October 7th.   This is my first book that I wrote to inspire people to live their dreams and be great.  I share my underdog story and all the life lessons I learned along the way in an entertaining easy to read fashion.  The book has over 60 QR codes of awesome content that I’m excited to share as well!  For a free download from the book visit

To get a free

download from his eBook "What Allen Iverson Taught Me About Life"


The majority of you don’t know my name, although you’ve probably seen my face on television. at the age of twenty-four, i began starring in national commercials for Kobe Bryant and other nBa players. i’ve been featured by sports magazines and played in basketball games that were televised to a global audience. i’ve done interviews for radio, television, and websites. i’ve met and spent time with famous, wealthy, and influential people from all over the world, and i have relationships some of the most re- spected and intelligent business men and women in the country.

do i think i’m special because of this? no. i know my efforts have been blessed. i also know that if there is anything special about me, it isn’t necessarily my talent. it would more likely be my dogged tenacity to pursue a dream and my drive to put every ounce of my energy into making that dream happen. i was an underdog my whole life, but i refused to become a victim or a “less- than” in any endeavor i attempted. i always believed in myself, even when the odds were stacked against me. and they usually were.

even with the success i’ve had so far, i still feel like i have room to grow before reaching my fullest potential. But i believe i am on the right track. The fact that all of this happened for me in such a short time is a true testament to the principles i have learned and applied to my life. i want to share my story and these “life lessons” with you . . . and i want this book to inspire you to find your passion and chase your dreams, so you can wake up every day and do whatever it is you love.
Jesse will be awarding a signed Deuce Brand watch to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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