Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Release #writing

It's been a while since I've had anything published. A while since I've written anything, actually. Been busy with other things, other projects, other stuff. So I decided to take some time and write. This week I'm devoting my entire week to a new project, a contemporary romantic suspense based in LA.

The little writing bar on the side has held steady at 11% for months while I tried to figure out the rest of this story. Sunday I decided to rip it all out, start fresh, and begin anew.

It took forever to get through chapter 1! But once I was in there, firmly entrenched in Jules head, story plotted through the 90% mark, it was smooth sailing. Jules is a little left-of-center, stream-of-conscious woman, while Archer is a no-nonsense, ex-military man with a sense of the ridiculous and sarcasm that matches Jules.

I'm hoping my writing week will get me through the 3/4 mark of this story, and so far-judging by the % bar to the right-I'm not doing bad!

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JBG said...

Hey, contemporary romantic suspense sounds good to me. And Isabel, what are you doing posting at 4 AM!!!

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