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#Guest: Louisa Bacio and her newest release, Mirabella’s Mardi Gras Menage

Today Louisa Bacio is my guest talking about her newest menage romance release, Mirabella’s Mardi Gras Ménage. Please join me in welcoming her!

1. At any given time do you work on only one story at a time and maybe plot out the next one or are there many ideas racing around your head?

It really depends upon the story. I’m working on a new erotic paranormal series. While I’ve finished the first book, I already have plans for the next three. The stories don’t always come to me in such an order, but I know who will be the main character in each, and pretty much how the stories go. Not bad for a pantser, eh?

2. Is there a genre you haven't written in but would like to? Or wish you could write in?

I’m almost done with a YA novel that’s a “book of my heart.” I also have a mainstream contemporary book I’d like to write. I have notes on it, but against, it’s a personal book – about the loss of a close friend, and the separation from another as we’ve become adults and drifted apart. Both of those veer from my normal genre of erotic romance. Since I’ve been writing on contract the past few years, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to delve into side projects.

3. Do you add an element of romantic suspense in your stories?

My first novel Sex University: Physical Education was an erotic romance thriller. There definitely was suspense in that novel. Primarily, I write in the paranormal realm.

4. Say you have unlimited funds: What kind of writing office/cottage would you create for yourself? 

One thing for sure, I would need PLENTY of bookshelves. Right now, I have one wall that’s only bookshelves and it’s full. I would love a workspace built outside of the house. It’s gotten better as my children have gotten older; however, when my youngest was a toddler, my husband would give me “writing time,” and I’d go into the master bedroom, and have her banging and crying on the door. It’s kinda hard to write romance under those conditions.

5. If you could turn your novel into a TV show, which novel or series would you do? Where would it be set? Network TV (ABC, NBC, CBS), Cable (AMC, BBC, Lifetime) or Premium Cable (HBO, Showtime, Starz)?

Definitely my erotic paranormal series, The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf. Right now, I’m up to four full-length novels and two novellas, and I know these characters. Because of the content, it would have to be a cable show.

That said, one story I’m currently finishing I shelved for two years. The first time around, my husband told me I had to turn it into a screenplay. He believes in it that much. So you never know.

6. Finally, tell us about your latest release!

Well, this story came to me as a surprise. When I finished book 4 The Wolfe Pack, I thought “that’s it.” Then a whispering started. Mirabella, who had been a side character throughout the series, insisted that she find her love. It actually turns out she has multiple loves … a threesome. I really like this story. It’s hot, but also sweet. It contains an element of finding oneself, and also being happy with who they are. And, I definitely hope others feel the same way.

Mirabella’s Mardi Gras Ménage
Constantly under the watchful eye of her Voodoo priestess aunt, Mirabella longs to break free during the events of Mardi Gras. Escapades draw her into the arms of Marguerite, a fiery redhead with a passion for life, and Nick, a familiar vampire who’s haunted by his transformation and past.
What starts as a new experience – a Mardi Gras Ménage – soon turns deadly, and none of their lives will ever be the same. 

Available via Ravenous Romance, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other eRetailers.

About Louisa:
Louisa Bacio is the author of six erotic novels, including the paranormal series The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf, and numerous steamy short stories.
Bacio enjoys soaking up the sun in Southern California, and spending time with her family. In addition to writing and editing, Bacio teaches college courses in English, journalism, film studies and popular culture.

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Thanks so much for having me here today. 
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