Monday, April 18, 2011

Changing world of publishing

There's been a lot of talk the past few weeks about the changing world of publishing. From the author who refused a $500,000 advance to self-publish to the self-published YA writer who signed a 4 book deal with St. Martin's Press. He's already in print, she wasn't but soon will be. I also stumbled across J.A.Konrath's blog where he goes into great length about self-publishing's pros.

As recently as last month I admit to being one of those people who poo-poo'ed self-publishing, but recent news has me thinking about changing my views on this. I'm not 100% ready to, and will only admit that at this point I find the whole debate fascinating. There are pros and cons about each, and when you really look at it, you have to wonder: is it about the money or the recognition?

Money is great, but seeing my book in bookstores is awesome, too. Plus there's the editing, the cover, the grammar corrections, another set (or 3) of eyes looking at the book for characterization, plot holes, depth of emotion, and all that goes into a fantastic book.

Here's the question, my lovlies: Knowing you could make 70-85% of the price of your ebook, would you go the money route? Or wait to find the right print publisher and go the more traditional route?

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