Thursday, October 21, 2010


I thought of this short story trilogy about a month ago, but other than plan it out, think it through, and figure out where the characters are going (and who they are!) haven't done much else but write half of chapter one.

Originally, I wanted to make it a novel trilogy, but the more I thought about the story I wanted to tell, the more I realized it was best in parts. Three couples, three plot arcs, one overall plot linking it all together.

Now, in between Dark Inheritance, Egyptian, a couple short story ideas I have, I plan on squeezing this into my increasingly overcrowded writing time. *Deep breath* Okay nothing like a plan!

Course the plan should always include time-outs for rest between stories. And possibly a moratorium on new plot bunnies until the old ones are finished!
Not that much writing will get done with the conference, but there'll probably be more evil plot bunnies hopping around. *le sigh*

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