Monday, October 25, 2010

Excerpt Monday Got zombie?

Got Hungry for your Love? You should! Halloween approaches, and in the true spirit (if not tradition) of the holiday, everyone should have a zombie romance anthology. :)

Excerpt from Zombified:

Three shrunken voodoo heads, a single gold doubloon, an ancient German Luger, and one and a half wooden legs later, they gave up. The rest of the house was as dusty as the entryway, so they opened the shutters, unpacked their camping gear and set up camp before the unused fireplace.

Before Rebecca knew what was happening, Griffin’s lips were on hers and they’d made love in an abandoned mansion in the middle of Martinique. It was the most pleasurable day she could remember spending in a long while.

“No pirate treasure,” she sighed, propping her head on one hand and looking at him.

“No, but lots of dust.”

Rebecca frowned at his frown and traced the line of his jaw. “What do you expect?” she asked. “The place has been closed up for years.”

She swept her arm out to encompass the end tables, coffee table, piano, and old style chairs—some wicker, some old enough to be certifiable antiques. Not that she had any real notion of what a certifiable antique looked like.

“Dust is created by human skin,” he mumbled. Shaking his head, he grasped her hips and pulled her atop him. “Are you sure you want to stay here for the night? Or do you want to drive back?”

“Na,” she kissed his lips. “Let’s just stay here. We haven’t explored a fraction of the place. Plus,” her lips trailed along his jaw, and Rebecca wondered when she’d become so fascinated with a man’s jaw line. “Plus we’ll just have to drive back out tomorrow. What’s the point?”

“Definitely not an ordinary woman,” he said against her mouth. “Most I know would rather head back to the hotel than stay here. In the middle of nowhere.”

“Hey,” she smiled, “at least we have electricity.”

4 stars from Romantic Times
4 cups of coffee from Coffee Time
4.5 hearts from Night Owl Romance

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