Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Progress

New unplanned story project in the works. Not sure how this is going to go, it came out of nowhere but who was I to refuse? Refuse a cool, exciting new story project? Not I. I embrace the insanity wholeheartedly. With alcohol and caffeine. Yup. It's the only way.

And chocolate. Back off my stash!

So, new story proposal came about Monday afternoon (3 days ago). New story chapter 1 deadline is this coming Monday (3 days from now). I can do this. I just have to brush up on my angst (check) social networking (harder but I'll pencil in a very light check) and classics (have book will travel check) and I'll be set.

And to think, I had my next project all planned out. Even had 6 whole chapters outlined! Researched! Characterized! (And anyone who knows me knows that naming characters is the hardest part of the plan.) The whole verse planned out. AH well. I'll get to it eventually.

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