Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Musings: Swoon-Worthy Hero

Swoon worthy heroes!

Brace yourselves: Shameless plug coming up!

Noble and brave men, relentlessly loyal women, scalawags and blockade runners all combine to highlight one of the most difficult times in our country's history. All the stories are good, but Ross and Roman deliver scalawags that will make readers swoon. Civil War buffs will love the well-written, well-researched stories in this must-have collection. ~Romantic Times Book Reviews.

That review was for Northern Belles and Southern Roses anthology from The Wild Rose Press.

So what constitutes a swoon worthy hero? I'm sure you have lots of opinions, for every woman there's a man who makes her swoon. Might not be the same as me (*cough Colin Firth cough*) but there's someone out there who has the that makes your knees week.

He's got to be handsome but that has more to do with your imagination running away with you or picturing Brad Pitt's better looking alternate universe evil twin. He also has to have confidence, or the appearance of confidence even if he's not an alpha hero.

Heroes can go through their own character growth which involve deep seeded conflicts or insecurities but they always have to have an area they are truly confident in. Otherwise, they become the wimpy secondary character.

However, confidence can also be a tricky slope, one that can easily turn into arrogance. Now, that doesn't mean that an arrogant hero is a bad thing, it just mean you have to know your hero. Plan him out before you start writing (let's not talk about inconsistency!) and make sure he compliments the heroine no matter what you write about either of them.

Plot his growth to compliment and coincide with the heroine's, make sure whatever it is he learns/does/is/wants doesn't make a romance between them seem unlikely. There's nothing worse than a reader wondering why the heroine fell in love with the hero.
But how to make him swoon worthy? I have no idea. I can tell you how I wrote Jack in In the Shadows...he loved Marion enough to join forces with her. He didn't regulate her to the background or belittle her mission, and in the end, he saved both their lives.
What about you? What's your swoon-worthy hero?

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