Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Reviews

Just a reminder: over on Unusual Historicals the month of April we're talking about News and Media. My post on April 5 was on William Randolph Hearst. Check it out!

Last week I talked about Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife. This week, it's the sequel, Darcy & Elizabeth: Nights and Days at Pemberley. (I got this copy from the library.)

It took me weeks to get through this book. I'm not a slow reader, and while I admit to other distractions (writing, allergies, work, Percy Jackson, my continuing Colin Firth love) this book needed to be trimmed.

I found the characterization to be off: Lady Catherine didn't seem very Lady Catherine-ish, more of a stereotypical mother trying to advance herself in society. She made amateurish mistakes I can't envision her doing. Gerogiana had grown and matured, but not to the point where her character ended, I felt it was more of a leap, less of a growth. as for poor Col. Fitzwilliam, he was regulated into the background, a stoop for others to play off of.

The history was excellent, utterly well done, and used to perfection here.

As for Darcy and Elizabeth themselves, I felt there wasn't quite enough of them. I enjoyed their parts, I enjoyed the interaction and growth between them, but there was something missing. It may have had to do with the other characters and their excessive back stories and plots. Do I care about Lydia and Wickham? No. Do I care about Lady Catherine and Anne? No.

However, I will admit to liking Jane and Bingley in this story more than even in Pride and Prejudice. Excellent plotting there.

Overall, I give it 3.5 stars. While still a slow read, in need of more dialog, I did finish it and enjoyed the ride.

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