Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Progress

So what have I been doing the entire month of March that I couldn't update my blog? Working. A lot. However, on a writing front, I've been making tediously slow progress on my ghostly project.

The good news is that I'm only 10 chapters from the end! That might qualify as bad news, too, depending on how one looks at it, but I choose to be positive. GOOD NEWS!

Of course I have the read through of all read throughs to get through next, but I figure with the extra day off this week (thank you, Good Friday) I'll be able to come close to finishing up the story itself so that next week I can start from the beginning. And I know it'll be a lot to get through. I left large chunks half finished and have to now put in things I've added over the course of the story.

What's everyone else working on? How's your latest WIP coming along? Or have you decided glaring at it is better than nothing? (If so, I feel your pain!)


Nicole McCaffrey said...

Sounds like you've been busy, Isabel!

I've been working on the final edits for my short CW time travel contracted by TWRP, got the galley for Wild Texas Wind read and sent off and now have joined the loop for Last Rose of Summer's new series Class of 85.

Having a blast trying to come up with a story idea, but boy am I tired, LOL.

Lisa Lane said...

My most recent WIPs have been very slow-going. It might sound cliche to say that life sometimes gets in the way, but . . . yeah, sometimes life gets in the way. I can only hope that a couple of late manuscripts will be forgivable, as long as I make sure they prove to be worth the wait.

Isabel Roman said...

Nic, I saw that announcement! I'm tempted to write a story myself, but have too much on my plate as is. Though I'm pretty sure I'd write one of the "There's no way in hell I'm going to my reunion" stories.

Lisa...believe me when I say I understand about life getting in the way! Good luck with everything.

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