Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Zombies, Chats and Historicals! Oh My!

Last Night I was at the Night Owl chat room over at their website Nightowlromance.com. I have to be honest - I COMPLETELY forgot about this scheduled chat. It must have been arranged a long time ago. However, I did get an email reminder and I was there. The moderator, Tammie was excellent and there were several readers who stopped in; I wasn't the only author featured, some of my Ravenous Romance comrades were there too - Lisa Lane and Sephera Giron. When our moderator got to me she asked me about a short story I wrote called Sex in the Springtime. I was like a deer caught in the headlights. Sex in the Springtime? I haven't even THOUGHT about that story in months - it was an Easter short story.
This must happen to everyone; pinned down to answer questions about something you did and you have no recollection of it! LOL. It eventually came back to me and I did manage to share the back of the story blurb but man was I caught. Sure - the avatar they had for me was from Sex in the Springtime but I thought they just picked a pretty cover LOL. However, the chat went swimminingly!
We managed to move away from Sex in the Springtime to my Druid series and some of my upcoming releases. But when I thought about "Springtime" I realized it's one of the few contemporaries I have out right now. Most of my stuff is a historical in some fashion.
The conversation them moved onto unusual settings after I shared the setting for my werewolf story Shadow State. 1934 Germany and everyone seemed to respond to the unusualness of it.
It was a great chat with alot of wonderful interactive chatters. So a big thank you to everyone over at Night Owl!
Now onto Zombies!
As I shared before, I'm working on a short story for Ravenous Romance that has to do with Zombies. I'm taking the tongue and cheek approach to the story. I'm not by any stretch of the imagintion a comedy writer so I have to take the long way around. I write the line then I go back and play with the dialogue. Try to twist it so its either sarcastic or some type of one liner. Can someone find me a great comedian's brain I can borrow for a few hours? ::giggle::

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Susan Macatee said...

Zombies, Isabel? I like to delve in the paranormal, but I've never thought of tackling zombies for a romance story.

Although I did read the opening chapter of Linnea Sinclair's The Downhome Zombie Blues. I'd like to give that a read.

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