Friday, August 7, 2009


The last 6 days have been absolutely wonderful. The Scandalous Victorian's Northern Roses and Southern Belles Blog Tour was so much fun. Thank you to everyone who hosted us, participated, commented, lurked, and read!

I learned stuff about my fellow writers I hadn't before, and this project has been in the works for a year. I learned things about readers and what they love/hate/expect from a Civil War romance. I hope this anthology blew away some of those conceptions. ;)

I'm taking today off from the internet, or as much as my recently admitted obsession will allow me to, and vegging. This weekend I plan to finish plotting the zombie story I somehow agreed to write for Ravenous. It's an anthology, a zombie anthology, but in my particular story, the hero/heroine are zombie killers. Think Night of the Living Dead meets Scooby Doo. Thankfully it's short, so the humor isn't a problem. I can write sarcasm, but sustained humor? Not so sure.

Will also begin plotting a Regency romantic suspense and a post-WWI romantic mystery. Am looking forward to both of those, for different reasons. The Regency for the idea I have to it and the post WWI for the sheer delight of the unusual time frame.

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Susan Macatee said...

Sounds like fun, Isabel!

I'm working on 3 very different projects myself. Switching among them helps keep me fresh.

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Goddess Fish Blog Tour Partner