Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I have a lovely 3 days off this weekend. I'm truly sorry for those who don't. Benn there, done that, and yes. It sucks when everyone else is off and BBQ-ing and you're stuck at work.

I'll be busy all weekend, but it's just nice to have a break. Some times recharging is the best thing for you, and this weekend despite everything I need to get done, it'll be nice to sleep in a little and just be.
Next week is the end of May. No, I have no idea where the month or year has gone. I wish I did, so I could better plan my time. And since it is coming up on the half year mark, I'm going to vow to be a better blogger, devote even more of my time to an online presence, fix my *&$%#@ website once and for all. Stupid links don't stay linked to what I link them to.
And finally, to plot and write 3 more stories this year. I crammed in 3 in the first 4 months, and then crashed. Trying to space them out now. :) I'm in the midst of plotting an historical set in (yes you guessed it,) Colonial Williamsburg. And a contemporary paranormal I'm really excited about and my muse seems to love the best.
I hope eveyone has a great weekend, no matter what you're doing! And remember the reason for Memorial Day. It's not just to have off and cook out...

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