Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg

I spent 2 days in Colonial Williamsburg and had a fantastic time! I could've spent 2 more days there, actually. I toured either original or exactly restored buildings of the governor's mansion and capitol building, listened to music from the time period played on period instruments, and even took a dancing lesson!

The town had about 1,900 people (no-slaves that is) at its height right before the start of the Revolution. A tiny town considering Philadelphia, New York, and Boston all had between 4-7,000.

Learned how to make wool thread. Or at least took a class on it but mine doesn't look remotely like it's supposed to. But the instructor was really great, very knowledgeable, and extremely patient! Also learned about ceramics and saw really wonderful wood, silver, and iron craftsmanship. If you get the chance to go, you won't be sorry. There are plenty of things for kids, too. Even costume rental! Which I think would be fun if it hadn't been so hot and I could do it for like an hour or so.
Picture 1 is the restored governor's mansion. The original burned down in the 1780s when it was used as an army hospital. Picture 2 is the musicians and their wonderful instruments. And yes, women weren't allowed to play flutes or violins (too unseemly) but that big old base between their legs? Not a problem. Go figure.

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