Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Getting the word out

I always thought (and part of me still does) that until you have physical (or downloadable) proof in your hands that you're really, truly a published author, you can only do so much promoting. What are you going to tell everyone?

Hey! I wrote a book!

That's great, and a significant accomplish, but look at those bookstore shelves, or around your library. Tons of people have and they're actually published. You have the proof right there in front of you to read or skip as you would.

So what can I do to get my name out pre-published?
Talk about it, of course, and I do several times a week on this blog. Got the site up and running, and every so often I add to that, too. What else? Hmm, I'm a member of RWA. Don't have that PRO pin (the one that says they recognize the fact I finished a story) mostly because I never bothered to get it. OK, that's my fault.

What else? I'll have to think about it so I can do it. But it's hard when you don't have the proof in your hands to wave around and scream about.

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Jennifer Linforth said...

All you can do is keep getting your name out there. Other suggestions that are very effective (and folks have found out about me, my blog, and books this way) write articles.

Ugh... more writing? Yup. Are you active in your chapter? Do they have a newsletter? Write articles for it. Find out if your chapter branch has access to a link so your articles can be used by other chapters. My networking article 'How to Get Into John Updike's Pants' was printed in several different newsletters. Folks googled me... found my blog... instant networking. Same with 'Letters of Love' about mistresses in Austrian History.

Find you passion about writing and do an article. Give it a shot, no need to be wordy. But be certain the article ends with a short bio and those important links!

RWA contests? Another great way to promote yourself and get noticed! (An editor just asked for a full off a contest entry...and she was not even one of the judges. She just was surfing the net and found my contest entry)Plus you get feedback on your work.

It is slow going, but it does pay off in the end.

Jennifer Linforth

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