Friday, June 13, 2014

Review #NCIS season 11

I've made it no secret I'm a fan of NCIS. But this year I was very disappointed, and yes heartbroken, that Ziva (Cote de Pablo) left the show. Her exit episodes left much to be desired, they barely revolved around her character, but I did enjoy her kiss with Tony. That, and the fact they did not kill off her character.

The first several episodes showed a couple temporary agents. Of those, the only memorable ones were Vera and Coast Guard agent, Abigail Borin. Either one would've been a fine addition to the cast.

Overall, this season I found extremely uneven. Extremely. Only a handful of episodes were cohesive and actually stood out.

I could say a lot about the additional of Agent Bishop, and how I consider her a Mary Sue character, but I'll simply say: It's my opinion that the Bishop character doesn't fit the dynamic already established between the cast and characters.

Though this once was my favorite show, I give this season only 2.5 stars. I hope they find a better footing next season.

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