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#Interview with @LitaHarris Timeless Escapes: A Collection of Summer Stories

Ruth A. Casie ~ Second Chance by the Sea Married for ten years, she and her husband have grown apart. When they go back to the Virgin Islands for a family funeral, they find their marriage was never registered. Will an impending disaster be the final straw that breaks them up or will it rekindle their love and send them back to the altar for a second chance?

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Lita Harris ~ Chasing Fireflies Soured on love by a recent breakup, a travel agent with a fear of flying and open water takes a trip to the U.S Virgin Islands. She meets a boat captain who challenges her fears. Will she survive her breakup and find happiness in the arms of another man?

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Emma Kaye ~ In Her Dreams When an author escapes to the Virgin Islands to work on her latest book, she’s swept back in time to Regency England and must decide whether the love she finds with an English lord is real or only in her dreams.

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Nicole S. Patrick ~ Poseidon’s Strength A beloved hero’s death leads his sister and his best friend, who have never seen eye-to-eye, to discover that helping family can be their happy medium, and possibly lead them to uncover a love that's meant to be.

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Julie Rowe ~ A Pirate’s Vacation A doctor grieving the death of her husband, buys a B&B in the Virgin Islands in need of a lot of fixing. Her old flame arrives to help with repairs, but will she let him heal her shattered heart?

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Today's feature interview is with Leta Harris:

Lita Harris spends her time between New Jersey and the Endless Mountains region of Pennsylvania, where she writes most of her books. She also lived in Alaska for a short time just for fun. An avid crafter, unused supplies clutter her basement and attempts at making pottery, jewelry, and stained glass are proudly displayed in her house, usually behind a picture or holding a door open. She also makes candles and homemade soap. With enough books to stock a small library she may need to construct a building to store her literary obsessions.

She writes in multiple genres, including women’s fiction, contemporary romance, paranormal, and cozy mysteries. 

1. At any given time do you work on only one story at a time and maybe plot out the next one or are there many ideas racing around your head?
I am always jotting down ideas but I try not to work on more than one story. Sometimes I am compelled to work on more than one. It’s not unusual for me to write a few chapters and then let the story brew for a while. I recently revived a story I started a few years ago. I had quickly churned out three chapters and that was it, I left it alone. Something recently happened in my life that triggered the rest of the story and I was drawn to those abandoned words. The novel is now practically writing itself and is the most emotionally draining piece I’ve written so far. I hope that comes across on the page once the book is finished. Never throw your words away no matter if it’s only one sentence. You never know when that moment will come when the rest of the story is begging to be finished.

2. Is there a genre you haven't written in but would like to? Or wish you could write in?
I haven’t written a traditional mystery and wish I could. The ability to create convincing misdirection and a chain of events that bring the reader to an unpredictable ending is exciting to me. I would like to be able to successfully write something like that one day.

3. Do you add an element of romantic suspense in your stories?
No I don’t. My stories naturally tend to focus on the heroine’s journey of self-discovery accompanied by romantic elements but no suspense, at least not yet.

4. Say you have unlimited funds: What kind of writing office/cottage would you create for yourself?
This is an easy answer. My ideal writing space would be a small, three or four room, cottage perched on a high bluff on Cape Cod. The wall facing the ocean would have a huge window so I could watch the waves crash below as seagulls hover above.

5. If you could turn your novel into a TV show, which novel or series would you do? Where would it be set? Network TV (ABC, NBC, CBS), Cable (AMC, BBC, Lifetime) or Premium Cable (HBO, Showtime, Starz)?
My choice at this time would be Love at Christmas, which would be best suited for Lifetime. The small town setting and family coming together to heal during the holidays sends a message of how fragile life is yet must go on. It shows that love can be found in the worst situation.

6. Finally, tell us about your latest release!
Chasing Fireflies, is a short story in Timeless Escapes: A Collection of Summer Stories. We follow the emotional journey of Marnie Shaw after the breakup of her relationship. After playing it safe for a few years, she is dumped by the guy she knew deep down wasn’t right for her but she stayed with him anyway until he put an abrupt end to their relationship. She takes a trip to the Virgin Islands where she meets a boat captain who encourages her to face her fears and engages in an intellectual challenge, something that she never experienced before.

Soured on love by a recent breakup, a travel agent with a fear of flying and open water takes a trip to the U.S Virgin Islands. She meets a boat captain who challenges her fears. Will she survive her breakup and find happiness in the arms of another man?
Marnie Shaw is a travel agent whose fear of flying has kept her safe within the confines of New York City. As the top agent for her firm, she wins an all-expense paid trip for two to the U.S. Virgin Islands. She decides to confront her fear and take the trip alone when she is dumped by her live-in boyfriend.
Her plans of losing herself while relaxing in the beauty of the island is disrupted when Captain Jack, a handsome, scraggly bearded, boat captain, shows up at her bungalow unannounced and refuses to leave.
Will a night on the beach with Jack open her eyes to realize there's more to life than what she has, if only she would let go of her expectations and take a risk? Or when her ex shows up begging for forgiveness, will she settle for the safety of her quiet, risk-free life?

The boat bounced against the dock nearly knocking her off her feet. A suitcase saved her from falling over the side of the boat. She momentarily thought about leaving her luggage behind fearing it would sink them. No, she would hold onto it. She had seen Titanic—the suitcase could come in handy.
“Captain Jack?”
No answer.
“Hello. Is Captain Jack here?” she called out louder.
He stepped out of the cabin and with one hand skillfully tossed a rope up onto the dock to secure the boat. His face was covered with a scruffy day old beard and his scraggly hair, sun-kissed at the tips, briefly covered his eyes. From the side she could see that too much sun contributed to crow’s feet. He tossed his head back and she gasped. His eyes! A gorgeous blue she’d never seen. She sucked in a breath and dropped her luggage. She reminded herself to breath as he came closer to her.
“You going to Celestial Harbor?” He wiped a screwdriver with a tattered, oily rag then brushed his hair out of his eyes with the back of his forearm. His clothes were rumpled and old. He didn’t look much like a boat captain to her. Where was his uniform like she had seen in movies? He looked like a car mechanic after tearing an engine apart.
She nodded. The sunlight bouncing off the ocean made her squint but she held his gaze. If he was her means to get to the island, so be it. She shoved her luggage to the edge of the dock with her foot and waited for him to help.
And waited.

First prize - $50 gift certificate plus ebook Timeless Keepsakes by Ruth A. Casie, Lita Harris, Emma Kaye, Nicole S. Patrick, Julie Rowe

Second prize - $25 gift certificate plus 3 ebooks 1) Molly Gets Her Man by Julie Rowe 2) Knight of Runes by Ruth A. Casie 3) Timeless Keepsakes by Ruth A. Casie, Lita Harris, Emma Kaye, Nicole S. Patrick, Julie Rowe

Third prize - 3 ebooks 1) Love at Christmas by Lita Harris 2) Time for Love by Emma Kaye 3) Timeless Keepsakes by Ruth A. Casie, Lita Harris, Emma Kaye, Nicole S. Patrick, Julie Rowe


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