Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#Excerpt: Improper Conduct

Callum looked up at the knock and motioned Jules in. She looked serious and the folder clenched in her hand, while thin, looked official. A conversation about their inappropriate eye-sex? She didn’t look that serious and really, he needed to stop hearing Iris’s voice in his head talking about getting the two of them—he and Jules, not he and Iris—together.
Hell, she’d somehow managed to have Carlos in on it, too.
Jules looked tired, but the fire in her hazel eyes steadied as she closed the door softly behind her. Probably not a conversation about them, then. Pity.
He didn’t know how to approach the conversation he wanted to have with her, but Callum knew he wanted to have it. Iris aside. A delicate matter, tiptoeing around sexual harassment of course, but he needed to know. Wanted to know. He knew interest when he saw it, and doubted Jules was the type to scream harassment when the feeling was mutual.
The question was: How far would she go to break the rules?
“I’m not quite sure how to approach this,” Jules began, sitting on the edge of the chair in front of his desk. “But I need to talk to you about something.”

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