Thursday, April 4, 2013

LA police building

I did a lot of research into the LAPD for my contemporary romantic suspense, Improper Conduct. All the information I use for the building itself, I got from Curbed Los Angeles.

The reason I continued to refer to this site is because of this paragraph:
We took a media tour of the building yesterday with Councilwoman Jan Perry and City Engineer Gary Moore, who showed us not only the public spaces, but also the future Compstat room, the roof helipad, Chief Bratton's future office (and he leaves that office on October 31st), and the fabled "cigar patio" that is not, despite rumors, Bratton's personal stogy stage, but is open to staff on the 10th floor. Each floor features an open floor plan, so cubicle dwellers will have access to natural light, while the offices and conference rooms line the inner perimeter of each floor.
But the pictures are worth it. If you get the chance, flip through them.

Having never been there, and getting all my information from the internet, I try to be general with my descriptions. But the fact that this building is shiny and new helps with the story.

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