Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dieting week 1

I have done it and started a get fit and healthy kick this year. I am just off my first week of trying to retrain my brain to eat healthier and exercise a bit more. I have indeed lost weight my first week and I am thrilled but I also know that the pounds I lost could come back on with a vengeance if I am not vigilant. So I am taking this weight loss victory with temperance. Yes, I am happy but I also know I have a long road ahead of me; and this week has not been easy at all.

So I’ve decided to take you guys with me on this fitness adventure and share what tips, strategies and recipes I learn along the way. Wednesday will be my fitness blog day but worry not all the other days we will still have our guests, posts on romance and general tidbits as always.

So let’s get fit!

The first thing I did was something I had resisted for years, and that is to keep a dietary journal. Instead of a traditional journal I downloaded an app where I can plug in what I eat throughout the day and I have to say it has proven handy. Sometimes I eat things without realizing what the calories are; for instance I’d consume a handful of chips or pretzels and not count them in my daily intake.

That was wrong; every calorie counts and they should be hard working calories. After all, we are all hardworking people at our jobs, our homes, it is even work to keep up with friends at times so why shouldn’t our calories work just as hard

Be smart about what you eat, and remember to eat something that is worth it! I'm trying, it's not easy but I'm trying!

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