Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Review: Jude Deveraux's Heartwishes

Once upon a time, Jude Deveraux was my all time favorite author. I devoured each and very book she had, re-read them, and kept them neatly on my bookshelves. Then I moved on to darker stories, sexier ones, and Ms. Deveraux moved away from her Montgomery and Taggert stories onto other families with a touch of paranormal, and we parted ways.

Last month I picked up Heartwishes, which is apparently the 5th installment to a series I hadn't read. (Naturally!)

It's made me realize 2 things: 1) I like her earlier works too much to coninute with this series lest I begin to hate her writing and 2) Her books seem like they're becoming a tad too similar.

I didn't mind the story itself, it was fine considering I have no idea what went on in the previous 4 Edilean stories. And Ms. Deveraux's research is impeccable as always. Her writing was nothing different from what I recall.

All that can't erase the fact that Gemma was the type of person who not only doesn't exist but whom you want to strangle within hours of meeting. No one is that perfect! Or nice. Or flawless. My other problem is that I love series...except when I can't follow the current story for all the references to previous books I haven't read!

I give this 3 stars because I haven't read the other 4 Edilean books and am hoping that by reading them I can understand this book a tad better. (Though based on reviews I doubt it. Pity.)

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