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* What's your ideal, I want to spend a month, vacation spot?
My husband and I live outside of Phoenix, Arizona, which has two seasons: hot and very hot. Our area is also part of the Sonoran Desert, which is extremely dry. When we vacation, we like to go places that are lusher and cooler than the arid desert. My husband and I had the opportunity to visit Hawaii for our Honeymoon (over a decade ago now!) and I would certainly welcome the opportunity to go back, if I had an entire month to enjoy the islands!

On our Honeymoon, my husband and I visited Maui for a week and then stayed in Kauai for a week. If I were to return for a month, I would probably want to spend the time on Kauai, the “Garden Isle.” Not only is Kauai one of the most breathtaking and beautiful places in the United States, the weather there is nearly perfect all year long. Kauai has miles of pristine beaches, wonderful mountain views, luscious plant life and amazing waterfalls. Even if you’ve never been to Kauai, you’ve probably seen the island depicted in film. The island was featured in the musical, South Pacific; the blockbuster, Jurassic Park and the recent Academy Award winner, The Descendents.

My husband enjoys golfing when we vacation, so while he spends time on the fairways and greens, I can relax on the beach with a good book, warm breeze and frozen drink in hand. Then we can spend romantic evenings together, dining and taking long, moonlit strolls on the beach.

Excerpt from Twyla’s Last Trip:

Lucinda peered intently into her microscope until Bunny's voice blared from the intercom—again. “I'm sorry to bother you, Lucinda, but Mr. Yates is on the phone. He says he won't hang up until he speaks with you personally.”

Lucinda took a deep breath, stood and exited the lab. She marched over to the reception desk and ripped the phone from Bunny's grasp.

“Lucinda Starr,” she growled into the phone. “How may I help you?”

Thirty-year old T.J. Yates, the epitome of all things country, spoke to Lucinda from his cell phone. “Miss Starr,” he said. “I know we've never met but I've been your mom's attorney now for nearly a decade.”

“Will you please get to the point?” Lucinda interrupted. “I'm in the middle of an extremely important experiment.”

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your mom has passed away.”

Lucinda flinched slightly but then it was back to business. “And what does this have to do with me?” she asked.

“Well, Miss Starr, you are the sole beneficiary of your mom's estate.”

“Estate?” Lucinda snorted. “My mother was a cat lady, who lived in a trailer.”

“Miss Starr,” T.J. continued. “I don't think you understand.”

Before T.J. could finish, Lucinda slammed the phone into the receiver and hurried away.

T.J. looked at his cell phone dumbfounded. People never hung up on him, especially women.

Dakota, his two-year old bloodhound, glanced up from her doggie pillow and gave her head a tilt.

“I think this requires a little trip up to Chicago,” T.J. said.

Dakota just yawned and plopped her head back down on her bed.

Excerpt from One Last Class

Thirty-two year old, Zak Spencer was sound asleep in his tousled bed, naked, except for the thin white sheet that covered the lower half of his body. Zak had been aged by recent disappointments but remnants of his boyish good looks were still visible. Elvis, Zak’s two-year old basset hound, snored on the floor next him.

Mindy, a 40-something cougar, slowly rose from the bed trying not to wake Zak. She carefully removed her clothes from the floor then snuck over to a corner chair and grabbed her purse for a quick escape.

But when Mindy tripped over Elvis and he let out a yelp, she crashed to the floor.

Zak awakened and noticed Mindy was no longer next to him. He scanned the room but didn’t see her anywhere. “Mindy?” he called.

“I'm down here.”

Zak peeked over the end of the bed and saw Mindy on the floor clutching her clothes and purse.

“What are you doing down there?” he asked.

“I tripped over your dog.”

Elvis wagged his tail.

As Zak rubbed the sleep from his eyes, he said, “You're leaving already?”

Mindy pushed herself up from the ground and tried to cover her nearly naked body.

“But it’s so early,” Zak continued.

“I've got a lot to do today,” Mindy lied. “I'll call you. I promise,” she blurted as she hurried out of the bedroom.

Zak jumped out of bed and pulled the sheet as a covering as he tried to catch Mindy. But she was quick. She had already made her way through the apartment and grabbed a jacket from a hanger next to the door before Zak caught up to her. Zak was now tangled in the sheet as he tripped up to Mindy and said, “You don't have my number.”

As Zak scrambled for something to write with, Mindy admitted, “I'm not really going to call you.”

Zak was genuinely hurt. “Why?” he managed to get out.

“This was fun and everything but I really don't want to date a former Malibu Boy. It's so last decade.”

“But…” Zak searched for something more to say.

“I've got to go,” Mindy shouted as she bolted out the door.

About the Author:
Karen Mueller Bryson is an award-winning screenwriter, produced playwright and published novelist. She has been writing since she learned to read and fell in love with books! Karen is the creator of Short on Time Books, a series of fast-paced and fun novels for readers on the go. When she’s not at her computer creating new stories, Karen enjoys spending time with her husband and their bloodhounds.

Short on Time Books

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