Friday, September 2, 2011

New Blogger Interface

Despite my refusal to look before they made it mandatory, I did. it's not bad, all Google Analytics and all. But seriously, no reading list? They could do all that but not bother to import my rather extensive list of blogs I follow?

New does not equal better. New usually equals "We were bored with the old look and wanted something cooler" which now equals "We've pissed off our customers".

Yeah. Mark me in that last category.

When updating anything, including your website, make it more user friendly, not less. Make it more readable, not less. Make it something your readers will want to return to time and again. This goes for writer websites as well as Google's massive #fail with this new Blogger interface. New and shiny doesn't mean it's readable, likable, or usable.

Plus I find it hugely ironic that Blogger's spell checker doesn't recognize it's parent company, Google.

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