Friday, July 29, 2011

Why networking is important

I read alot of other author's blogs. I don't often comment--sometimes because I have nothing to say but "Great post!" and others because there's no reason to comment. Such as a review. (Unless it's mine in which case I'll thank the reviewer.) But with reviews on other's works, I've read the blogger's words and either liked them (and the book) enough to put it on a To Buy list or didn't and will skip it.

But there's so much else out there! News on the publishing world, on what other authors are doing, on who signed with whom or who didn't sign with anyone to self-publish a novel.
That is the main reason I follow so many blogs and spend so much time reading posts on Twitter. Becasue it's important to keep up with the industry I work for. You might say writers work for themselves, but if the publishing industry isn't an industry, then what is it? A mish-mash of hapless people struggling to make a buck? Hardly.

It's a career just as any other. As a librarian I keep up with the latest books, movies, magazines, as well as budget news, state-wide happenings, and county-wide information. If I was a doctor I'd keep up with the latest research in my chosen field. So why not as a writer?

And that's why it's important to network. Even if all you do is 'Like' someone's Facebook post or retweet someone's Twitter posting. Gets your name out, their name out, and maybe it helps another author learn the latest bit of news.

(Picture taken on a Google Image search, from the site Rahmatan lil 'Alamin (Blessing for All Creation) Global Counter-Extremism Network because I liked it best.)

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