Friday, November 27, 2009

Reviews and Thanksgiving

I ate too much yesterday. Even after promising myself I'd save room for turkey, stuffing mashed & sweet potatoes, corn, string beans, etc., etc., etc., I still overindulged in a wide variety of appetisers. Why so much? we ask the same question every year. It's not as if there isn't enough dinner to go around! So I ate too much, did nothing but eat pie and watch TV later, and crashed very early.

And no. I didn't get up this AM for Black Friday Shopping.

There's only so much abuse a body can take and mine was over it's limit with the eating. Any more and there would've been a revolt.

Then there were the lovely reviews I saw in my inbox! Whipped Cream Reviews gave Desert & Destiny 5 Cherries!

Holly said: Isabel Roman has once again taken us back in time to revisit her Druidic masters. The usual cast of characters is present: Raven and Malcolm, Lucien and Morgana, and Lady Isadore Harrington are all here. At the onset, Gareth is still bitter and resentful of Malcolm, Lord Preston for seducing and marrying Raven, and it colors many of his actions. But Arabelle realizes she cares for Gareth, and does all she can to win him over.

The location this time, Egypt of the late 1800’s, is one of contrasts.
There are luxurious hotels catering to the tourists and crumbling hovels that the native people live in almost next to each other.
The characters are, as always, richly charismatic and superbly detailed. The women are strong and intelligent, and as willing to jump into the fray as the men are.

The action is fast and exciting, the mystery engaging, and the romance is searingly hot. For anyone who likes a bit of history with their romance, this one fills the bill quite nicely. Do Gareth and Arabelle get the happy ever after they deserve? Read Dark Desires of the Druids III: Desert and Destiny and find out.

And Manic Readers gave Sex & Subterfuge 4 Stars! Oh, yeah, I'm thrilled with both reviews, they made my entire week.

IvyD said: Morgana is as different from Raven as you can get. Older, widowed and very secure in both her magick and position as Master. She wields both effortlessly and plays the game well. The need for secrecy is just as strong in America as England. The politics haven’t changed much and people in power still want the magickers eradicated. It’s always fascinating when two strong willed independent people are as attracted to each other as Lucien and Morgana are. Will the very qualities they value, respect and admire bring them together or tear them apart? Not only do they have their own natures to deal with but the responsibilities they both shoulder are no small matter and literally, an ocean apart. The tension ratchets up when a dire threat against the American magickers and Morgana herself is discovered. How can it be nullified without sacrificing all that’s been established?

Dark Desires Of The Druids II: Sex And Subterfuge, the second installment of the Druids series is just as interesting a read as the first. There is danger, treachery, romance and passion aplenty. Takoda, Morgana’s self-appointed body guard is an intriguing character I’d like to learn more about. All in all, a worthy follow up to the Murder And Magick.

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