Monday, July 13, 2009

Contest winner

Some great answers to my contest about what sort of contest to have. I really liked them all and plan to use them in some way, some how, in the future.

I liked what Hagelrat said about the contest, plus she's a Princess Bride fan-Cool! But Joy from Arizona emailed me:
I like the kind of contest where I have to read about the book, either in a review or an excerpt, and find the answer to a question. I like this kind of contest because I get to read about the book and see if I want to purchase it.

Hmm, food for thought! Not only will I NOT have to add a lot of content to my site I don't have time to do this month, but by reading what's there, and looking at a few other places I've posted, someone can read about the book, see if it's something they'd like or not, and easily play the contest also without going crazy and combing through my site.

Joy is the winner! I did like Hagelrat's idea of the Druid icon postcards as prizes, though, very different and unique. I'll have to see what I can find. Joy, I have your email and address: Would you like a Victorian purse or a box of Godiva chocolates? (Keep in mind July and I'm on the east coast and you're not!)

Details of contest to come!

On another note, Russia Aristocracy is half finished! I'm pretty excited about that, even more so given the direction it's heading. :)

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