Saturday, November 29, 2008


Semi-traditionally known as Black Saturday but not as popular as Black Friday. There are still deals and deals to be had out there. And with deals, story ideas! Didn't think so, did ya? I'm here to tell ya that yup...standing in line, wanting to smash your head against the wall, it all goes to keeping your sanity and thinking of something other than "Why the hell did I get up this morning to brave these crazy hoards? Even the barbarians were saner than these people!"

Thanksgiving is a family holiday but it can also be a romantic holiday. So what's a writer to do but think of romantic ways to use this crowded time of the year?

No, I couldn't think of a romantic ANYTHING for Black Friday. But I did think of a romantic getaway for Thanksgiving. What can I say, that line was long!

So this weekend I'll be working on some holiday stories because Tis the Season!

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