Friday, October 3, 2008

Copy Edits

Wow, my first copy edits. Pretty exciting! OK, kinda tedious even though I'm accepting 99.9% of the changes. Still gotta go through each one - accept deletion, accept insertion. That aside, it's great to finally say, "Oh yes I'm working on my edits today!" Got them yesterday, and am 1/3 finished, plan to finishing them today and sending them back.

It's been a long road, an interesting one where I learned tons of stuff but a long one. I'm so excited to be able to promote myself now! So yes, go to Ravenous Romance and check out their site. You can even register to win an iPod Touch!


BiggestFan said...

How much did they "edit" your content? Is it usually just grammar and stuff? Or do they change the basic concepts?

Just curious. ;)

Isabel Roman said...

Just wording, adding or deleting a word. Sometimes a sentence that didn't fit with a revised paragraph. Nothing I couldn't live with!

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